Pet Cremations 100% Ecological

Do the pet cremations really take place individually and ecologically?

This is one of the most frequent questions that customers worry about after the painful loss of their pets and they decide to incinerate them and want the ashes back.

Until now, customers had to take a leap of faith and hope that the ashes that they got back a few days later, were really the ashes, of their beloved pets. As an animal lovers that we are and having gone through that experience ourselves, we understand perfectly the second thoughts about moving forward with this process.

It is a statement that as a company that offers you these services, we do it following our clients wishes, with ethics and professionalism.

At IN MEMORIAM ANIMALIUM we would like to invite you to assist personally to your pets cremation process at our crematorium-tanatorium.  Call us if you require any kind of help. Our services are exclusive.

Every person finds their purpose in life with some kind of humanitarian service, at IN MEMORIAM ANIMALIUM we have a mission obove all, and that is to preserve animals dignity also after they pass away (this being an individual or collective cremation), because every alive being deserves respect.

How does the individual process work?

At IN MEMORIAM ANIMALIUM, we follow an action protocol with every pet;

  • Identification.
  • Collection or reception service.
  • Cleaning and grooming.
  • Conservation.
  • Farewell ceremony.
  • Cremation (From 3 to 6 hours depending on size).
  • Ashes treatment.
  • Caskets or urns delivery.
  • certificate.

At the farewell ce

remony, you pet will be placed on a table that functions as an altar, where we will thank him or her for making their human partners so happy, (we don’t like the term owners, we believe we can’t own an alive being, we cohabitate the planet earth. They make us feel their unconditional love constantly).

For the ashes treatment, we will be using the especific tools required for the process finalization. Afterwards, the ashes will be placed in the urn or casket choosen, engraving the name of your pet immediately.

Why is an ecological procedure?

At the cremation procedur

e we won’t incinerate anything inorganic, so incinerating your pet with a toy, a collar or any other plastic object is not a possibility. The oven comes with a filtration and smoke cleanse system certificated by the maker. The pets are picked up in a bag, and it has it’s reason to be but we will talk about it a bit futher down.

Next we are gonna leave you with the testimony of Marie and Graham (That now proudly we can call friends), about their experience with us regarding the last goodbye of their dear per HARRY. We deeply thank your words.

What our customers say:

In Memoriam Animalium is run by two wonderful ladies and human beings, Chelo and Linda, who completely understood the pain we were feeling with the loss of our beloved companion, Harry. They laid him with scented candles and gentle music playing, where we were allowed a private ceremony and much needed time to say goodbye. It was consoling to know that Harry was cremated on his own with dignity and respect. For all the unconditional love Harry has given throughout his lifetime, it was important to us at the point that counts, that we were able to be with him as he entered his new journey. There is a thoughfully decorated, tranquil waiting room with refreshments and toilets. Your beloved companion’s ashes come in a beautiful urn, but if you should want a different one, there is a choice of urns in the reception area for a small amount extra. From the heart with love and gratitude, thank you Chelo and Linda for allowing us to say goodbye properly to our beloved boy xxx Harry, Golden Retriever, 15 years 2 months & 12 days.”

Graham & Marie, Benitachell.


Thank you Marie and Graham for this beautiful testimony.







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