About us

After 20 years of rescuing cats and find them a home, the number of our pet family increased at home; and with that our sensibility and the need to do something for the animals.

We had the privilege to assist in many births and have held many puppies in our hands. But life has another face.

In March 2019 our dear dog Duna parted ways, a “bodeguera” we rescued 15 years ago. The fact that we had to say goodbye and had to research the options available that were worthy of her, took us on a radical journey that brought a change in our careers and we dedicated ourselves to give the best goodbyes from a place of respect and dignity to our dear friends, the animals.

That how IN MEMORIAM ANIMALIUM was created from Consuelo’s hand above all, who from a loving place family friends call her “the vet”, because with the years she has developed the gift to comfort and give them shelter when they are sick.

The relationship with animals has brought us the most valuable and unconditional love that we could have ever imagined; and we know that for you, your pet means the same.

As Roger Caras says: “Maybe animals are not our whole life, but they make our life more complete”.

We are aware of the deep mourning that we go through upon the loss of a dear one. We understand you and we want to take care of you in this difficult time.

Count on us.

Consuelo y Linda



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